Hello! We are a Stewarding Group that has formed with funding from Lankelly Chase, exploring Transformational Governance.


Our vision is of a society in which institutions and organisations are supported and held accountable by inclusive, open, transformational governance that invites change, redistributes power, and enables everyone to thrive.


Whilst we started by prototyping our first learning cohort and setting up the Transformational Governance Community, our longer term ambition is a set of interconnected, resourced learning spaces that catalyse, deepen and sustain transformational governance practice. We aim for this growing network of transformational governance practitioners to necessarily make change at all layers of the ecosystem, building collective leverage to shift rules and norms from grassroots through to funding and regulatory bodies in the UK.


The prototype Powershift process generated rich learning for all involved, some of which we have already shared (see below). In 2024, we are building on this to design and launch a participative value exchange with, and for, our community!

Community Value Exchange


Photo by Jenna Lee on Unsplash

Working with community members who are “ready to move” on transforming their governance, we will explore how an exchange of skills, knowledge, time, resources and more can unblock the obstacles we face. We have some funding to distribute as part of this process.

Find out more here.

We are also continuing 2 transformational governance learning offerings into 2024:

Transformational Governance community


An online Slack space to connect, learn and further practice transformational governance approaches with others who are interested in this work.

We launched the community in January 2023, and will continue to steward this space across 2024.

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Learning out Loud (LOL) hour


A weekly online Zoom session open to members of the Transformational Governance community who want to make progress on any learning or doing relating to governance (whether that mean discussing, writing, reading or something else).

We will continue these sessions in 2024.

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In 2023 we piloted our Power Shift learning journey.

We prototyped a resourced, facilitated learning process which supported a small cohort of participants to share and explore an area of common interest within transformational governance. In Autumn 2022 we invited expressions of interest from individuals, groups and organisations across the UK, which informed a common theme that our first cohort explored: transforming and shifting power.